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  1. Who are we?
    We are Leadbot widget: Software company, located at Steenakkerstraat 13, 5688 DJ in Oirschot, the Netherlands.
    Offering business services in the field of lead generation, primarily providing various leadbot widget services. The provider of the services is Leadbot widget., registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63066033. You can reach us via email at or by phone at +31 6 83 17 54 28.
  2. Applicability of these conditions
    These general terms and conditions apply to any use of the services of Leadbot widget.
  • By using our service, the customer agrees to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms or do not wish to accept them, we request that you do not use our services.
  • The natural person who creates an account on behalf of the customer guarantees that he or she is authorized to enter into legally binding agreements on behalf of the Customer.
  • We may unilaterally change these terms and conditions at any time. If we change the terms, we will inform the customer by email. The latest version of these terms is always available on our website.
  1. Accounts/plugin
  • We offer different packages, each with its own functionalities, as outlined on our website.
  • The use of our service is reserved for natural persons aged at least 16 years old. It is not allowed to use ‘robots’ or similar automated methods. If we discover that an account/plugin has been registered by means of a robot or similar technique, we will immediately deactivate and remove the account/plugin.
  • When creating an account or requesting a service and/or plugin, you guarantee that the provided data is correct, complete, and up-to-date. You are also responsible for keeping this data correct, complete, and up-to-date at all times. You can do this at any time via email.
  • Your login details are personal and confidential. You must keep this information to yourself and never disclose it to others. It is strictly prohibited to share login details with third parties or provide them with access to your account/plugin in any other way. Our employees will never ask for your password. If you know or suspect that your login details are known to third parties, please contact us immediately so that we can block your login details to prevent further misuse.
  • By creating an account or submitting a plugin request, you obtain a limited, non-exclusive, and non-transferable right to use the functionalities associated with the package you have chosen. It is required to purchase a package for each website. This right is granted on the condition that both you and your users comply with all provisions of these terms.
  • Occasionally, it may be necessary for our employees to access your account or make changes to the dashboard, for example, to diagnose and resolve an issue. When you contact us to report an issue, you implicitly consent to granting access to your account to our employees. If you object to this and would prefer not to grant an employee access to your account, you can clearly indicate this during your request. We will then do our best to resolve the issue without accessing your account.
  • Violation, in any way, of these terms, leads to the immediate deactivation and/or blocking and/or permanent closure of your account, without the right to a refund of any prepaid rates.
  1. Rates and payment terms
    The customer agrees to payment of the rate listed on our website corresponding to the package he chooses (“Rate”). The Rate applies per website. The Customer agrees to the payment terms as set out in this article.
  • All rates are in euros and excluding VAT.
  • We offer both a free package and various paid packages. Each paid package can be subscribed to for various payment terms (month, quarter, and year).
  • The customer pays the payment via iDeal, Bancontact (Belgium), or credit card. At the request of the Customer, we can also collect the Rates in advance per chosen payment term through SEPA direct debit. The Customer is responsible for providing us with the correct payment details.
  • If a payment cannot be successfully processed, the customer will receive an email with instructions to complete the payment. If the payment is not completed within the specified period, we reserve the right to temporarily deactivate your account/plugin until the payment has been made.
  • The customer will receive an invoice by email to the email address provided by the customer, linked to the account/plugin.
  • We have the right to adjust our rates. If we adjust our rates, this will be displayed on our website and communicated to existing customers by email. Changes will take effect from the next payment term and will not affect ongoing terms. If the customer does not agree with the change, he can terminate his account as described in article 5.
  • It may happen that we change the content of a package or remove a package from our offering. If this occurs, we will inform the customer at least 2 months in advance by email. If it concerns a downgrade or the expiration of a package, the customer has the right to terminate the package as of the date the change takes effect. If that date falls within a current payment term, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the portion of the prepaid rates corresponding to the remainder of the payment term.
  1. Duration and termination
  • The agreement comes into effect as soon as the customer creates an account or activates the plugin and ends after giving notice of termination.
  • Unless the customer cancels the package, a package is automatically renewed for the duration of the chosen payment term. The customer can cancel the chosen package at any time via his account. Other forms of termination will not be considered and therefore have no effect. If the customer wants to delete his entire account, he must contact us via email (see 5 (e)).
  • The termination takes effect after the end of the current payment term at the time of termination. For example, if the customer has chosen quarterly payment and the Customer cancels during a current quarter, his package will remain in effect until the end of the current quarter for which the customer has already prepaid. After that quarter, no further collection will take place.
  • The customer is not entitled to a refund of prepaid rates.
  • The customer can request us by email to delete his account. If an account is deleted, all associated information and content will also be deleted. After that period, it is no longer possible to restore or recover deleted accounts or information.
  1. Prohibited actions
  • The customer and Users must refrain from the following actions:
    * (a) sharing login details with third parties;
    * (b) using login details of a third party;
    * (c) abusing our website or services or causing damage to them, for example by introducing viruses or other harmful software;
    * (d) attacking our website, our services, or the servers they run on in any way;
    * (e) testing the vulnerability of our website and services or circumventing security measures or a login environment;
    * (f) using our services for illegal purposes or sending unsolicited emails (SPAM);
    * (g) infringing these conditions in any other way.
  • If the customer or a user commits a prohibited act, we are entitled to take one or more of the following measures, with immediate effect and without the right to compensation for any damage that may result for you:
    * Block access to your account;
    * Temporarily or permanently deactivate/remove your account;
    * Report to the police and cooperate in an investigation, where we may be required to share your personal data with authorities.
  • If you can no longer use our services due to a prohibited act, you are not entitled to a refund of prepaid rates.
  • The measures mentioned here are in addition to the other rights and measures available to us in a given case, including our right to compensation for all damages we suffer as a result of your prohibited act.
  1. Intellectual property rights
  • We are the exclusive holder of all intellectual property rights to our services, including, but not limited to, copyrights, model rights, database rights, and software rights, including the graphic user interface.
  • Content uploaded by you in your account/plugin remains your property, and the information and content uploaded by end-users of the leadbots remains the property of those end-users.
  • We are the exclusive holder of the trade name Leadbot widget and the associated logo. Its use is reserved for us. If you wish to use our name, you must obtain our express written permission in advance.
  • Our website and services, including all parts thereof, may not be copied, edited, distributed, or reverse-engineered.
  1. Disclaimers
  • We offer our services as they exist and function at the time of use, without providing any guarantee regarding their operation or functionality. You use our services at your own risk.
  • From time to time, our services may not be available, for example, because we need to perform updates, resolve issues, or add or remove features. Therefore, we do not guarantee that our services will be available at all times, nor that our services are completely free of problems, malfunctions, or errors. We do our utmost to minimize downtime. You are responsible for installing virus detection software on the device used by users to access our services.
  • Maintenance of our services will take place as much as possible at times when the customer is least inconvenienced.
  1. Limitation of liability and indemnification
  • We do not accept unlimited liability regarding the use of our services. Our liability is limited as described in this article.
  • We are only liable in the event of a breach of one of our obligations under the agreement, provided that such breach is also attributable to us. If we are liable, our liability is limited to direct damages up to a maximum of the total amount that the customer has paid to us for the use of our services in the three (3) months preceding the event that caused the damage.
  • We are not liable for forms of damage other than direct damage, including (but not limited to) indirect damage, consequential damage, damage due to lost turnover and lost profit, damage to reputation, damage due to the unavailability of our services, and damage due to loss or damage of data as a result of bugs on your website.
  • We are not responsible or liable for the information or content uploaded by end-users of our services, nor for any communication between the customer and its end-users that takes place via our services.
  • Claims of the customer against Leadbot widget expire by the mere lapse of twelve (12) months after the claim arose.
  • The customer fully indemnifies Leadbot widget for damages suffered by Leadbot widget as a result of or due to a breach of these conditions by the customer or a third party acting under its responsibility – including, but not limited to, the commission of prohibited acts – as well as for claims of third parties arising from or related to the use of the services by the customer.
  1. Privacy
    We collect and process certain personal data from the customer. In our Privacy Statement, you can read, among other things, how we use your personal data, with whom we share it, and what your rights are. We act in accordance with the applicable legislation on the protection of privacy.
  • Through our services, personal data of end-users may also be processed. With regard to that processing, you are the data controller, and we are the data processor.
  1. General provisions
  • If any provision of these Terms is invalid or is declared void, the remaining provisions of these terms will remain unchanged. In that case, Leadbot widget and the customer will enter into consultation to agree on a replacement provision that as closely as possible reflects the original intention of the parties with the invalid or void provision.
  • Leadbot widget may transfer its rights and obligations under these terms to another party, for example, if Leadbot widget is acquired by another company. If that happens, we will inform the customer thereof and ensure that the existing rights of the customer are respected. The customer may not transfer its rights and obligations under these terms to a third party without the express consent of Leadbot widget.
  • Provisions in these terms that are intended to remain valid after the agreement with the customer has ended shall remain in full force and effect even after termination.
  1. Applicable law and choice of forum
  • These terms are governed by Dutch law.