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Easily convert your website visitors into Customers Calls Quotes Leads

With the Leadbot widget converts website visitors into leads in a customer-friendly way, including through WhatsApp, Phone, Store Visit, Booking, Appointment, or a Quote Request. A comprehensive package, with optional extras like a Cookie Consent Banner, videos, and more.

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By using WhatsApp widget integration, visitors can send you messages via WhatsApp

The Leadbot widget offers a lot of convenience for visitors. Website visitors can easily get in touch with you via the handy chat window. Customers no longer have to wait for an answer in a live chat on your website, but receive a response on WhatsApp. Talk to visitors even when they’ve left your website. Achieve growth through better and more personal contact with customers.


This Leadbot generates more leads through your website

Through this Leadbot, a chatbot application, it is aimed at increasing requests via your website. With the Leabot you offer visitors the opportunity to ask a question via WhatsApp, Telephone, E-mail or via a Callback Request. Visitors can also immediately request a quote, place bookings or schedule an appointment.

Asking a question

Give your visitor the opportunity to easily ask a question via WhatsApp (Business), E-mail, Telephone or leave a Callback Request. And see from which page the visitor sends a message.

Request quote

Let visitors request a quote via a contact form. Set the information you want to receive with your application.


Link the visitor to an important conversion page through a personal “call to action”. E.g. a Sales page, a Registration page, a Schedule an appointment page, FAQ page or to a page on an external website.

Make an appointment

Give visitors the opportunity to schedule an appointment. By means of a form via Chat widget SAM.

Shop visit

The ability to add Google Maps directions link. And with WhatsApp Business you can have real-time conversations with your potential customers who can still make an appointment for a store visit through the chat conversation. And you can inspire customers at home via a chat about what you will do during their store visit. Customers will then save time in an even more targeted manner. The threshold for sending a text message is lower than calling.

Cookie Consent Banner

Do you use Google Ads, Google Analytics, and/or Meta Pixels to reach European visitors? Prevent loss of marketing data due to rejected consent banners. The Leadbot widget seamlessly integrates with Google Consent Mode v2.


Leadbot widget ensures accessible and personal customer contact

Increase conversion on your website by always showing the most important CTA buttons visibly in this Leadbot.

Ideal Marketing Tool

Easily increase the results of your campaigns and connect with Google Analytics.

Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Use multiple contact functionalities in the Leadbot for your website.

WhatsApp Business

Link the Leadbot to a (landline) telephone number with WhatsApp Business.

Customer friendly

Guide the visitor at any time to perform the desired action.

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